08/19 for today – on love

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“the remedy of all blunders,the cure of blindness, the cure of crime, is love.”  ~RWE
i don’t think this means that such things don’t happen, because we’re human.  humanity happens, with all its imperfections.  love is the balm that covers and heals injuries; love edifies and supports.  the difficulty is in finding it within the midst of stress and pain and then applying it properly.
when it comes down to it, the important piece is to find love and apply it, no matter how late, no matter how messy.

for today, i will connect with my source of life, as well as my own imperfect humanity. for today i will connect with the energy of love that flows to and through me, and practice applying it where it is needed.  and it is needed every where.
love is a verb

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08/18 for today

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“to take what there is, and use it, with out waiting forever in vain for the preconceived – to dig deep into the actual and get something out of that – this doubtless is the right way to live.”

to ‘live in the now’ is such a new age thing to say, but it’s a truth that cannot be denied. now is all i have, everything else is smoke, everything but right now is history or imaginings. the right now is the only moment i can actually affect. all i can do with history is to accept it. all i can do for the future is affect the now in a way that MIGHT also make for a future i hope for, still there are no guarantees. if i spend my time waiting for the perfect moment or perfect circumstance, i’m just sitting still stagnating. there is nothing fun or attractive in that picture.

‘to dig deep in the actual’…. there are actual traits and abilities i possess that can be utilized. i don’t need to be a rocket scientist or an award winning something or other… i am what i am and can do what i can do… and not taking advantage of that is a waste of resources. yes.. i am a resource – in my own life and what a better way to honor the natural wonder of that truth than to use it to the best of my ability – wring every bit out of me that i can. that sounds efficient, resourceful and intelligent. go figure.

for today, i’ll connect with my higher power, seeking guidance on how best to live in my ‘now’ using my natural given resources to the best of my ability. this sort of behavior should benefit both myself and those around me.

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08/13 for today

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“to spare oneself from grief at all cost can be achieved only at the price of a total detachment, which excludes the ability to experience happiness.”

in protecting myself from the hurts in life, that cushioning protects me from all feelings. any happiness i’ve felt in those times was surface stuff. it’s when i free myself from these stifling cushions that i can actually feel deep, authentic happiness. i have no reason to fear authentic feelings, both the good and the bad will pass and hopefully most days i’ll be moving along on an even keel.

with a design for living that shows me how to handle life’s situations in a sane and safe way, i have no need to fear any feeling i might have. my feelings are part of my truth and to live authentically, i must honor that truth and experience those feelings.

for today, i have no fear of my feelings. for today, i can reach out for help to both get me through the rough lows and to celebrate the joys. for today, i set aside my ego in order for both ends of the feelings spectrum to be shared.



* the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and not that of OA

08/12 for today

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“a theorist without practice is a tree without fruit; and a devotee without learning is a house without an entrance.”

‘the proof is in the pudding’… is it any wonder that my analogies are so often food analogies? the pudding in this instance is my life. is there proof there that i’m walking what i’m talking? i know when i don’t see it or feel it, i tend to shut up. who wants to listen to me spout off about how life should be lived when i don’t even follow my own advice. it reminds me of a verse in the bible about sounding like a clanging symbol or some such thing. just noise; empty of melody.

thankfully, i’m not feeling empty of melody these days. and lucky for the rest of the world, i’m not spouting off about how they should be living their lives. i’ve got enough going on tending to my own business. and really, it’s a relief not to be responsible for the entire world.

being open to learning feels much better, and the result of that is growing in emotional and spiritual health, finding joy in living and peace of mind. and judging by my step, my life has a little song in it. this is the fruit i bear by tending to my own business, actually tending to it rather than just talking about it. it’s a wonder what a little effort can bring me. and some days, ‘working my program’ entails very little effort on my part, yet when i’m diligent in that work, i feel the result to multiplied effect.

for today, i’m grateful for the willingness to do what i can do and grateful also, for the faith i have in that doing, understanding that i am moving forward on the path of my life, and though it’s not fast or perfect, i’m making positive progress.




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08/11 for today

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“true wisdom consists in not departing from nature and in molding our conduct according to her laws and model.”

wow. if ever i had a religion, this would be it; to mold my conduct according to the laws and model of nature. i make attempts, but mostly i suck at it. i’m too prone to be lazy and a seeker of the softer easier way. from my observations, nature isn’t often soft or easy. what it is is honest, authentic, pure even its harshness. living by the laws and model of nature would be a life of integrity, something to aspire to.

i’m feeling rather harsh with myself and the world around me today, so my words may be skewed that way. luckily, it is just a feeling and will pass. i do not need to act on these hard feelings, or bury them… just ride them out and hold onto my abstinence in the process.

for today, i look to nature, seeking guidance and calm from the power outside of my ego and self-will. for today, i will just breath, putting one foot in front of the other to attend to my tasks and commitments. for today, i will not just exist in the world, but be alive in it, and to the best of my ability do the next right thing.

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08/09 for today

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“what a day may bring, a day may take away.”

there is no holding onto good feelings nor is there ignoring the bad. life happens and i cannot control that. all i have any semblance of control over is my attitude toward all of it. so good and bad things can happen and i can still maintain a level of – if not all out happiness, then – peace and contentment. and that comes from the inside.

cultivating a way of living that enables me to roll with the punches and go with the flow is the best way for me to foster an ongoing sense of feeling good. this cultivation entails keeping a connection to that higher power of my understanding – the natural source of life and being – that is ongoing and accessible; good self-care including treating myself and those around me with loving kindness; accepting life on life’s terms, understanding what i cannot change and what i can act upon to affect in a positive way; and above all, understand that feelings – good or bad – need to be experienced and not escaped from. abstinence is what enables off of this; the clarity it allows, the health it brings, the freedom from the prison of addiction and compulsive behaviors.

it’s amazing what sort of life and living is available to me when i take those first steps to turn away from the abuse of food. just being in the world takes on a whole new shine, when i turn to – or RETURN to – the source; my body, mind and spirit seek their true & natural level.

for today, i’m grateful for tenacity. for today, i’m grateful that – for me – surrendering to my place in the universe only makes me free.

* the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and not that of OA

08/06 for today

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“when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

the teacher or teachers, because i’ve had many, are always there. it’s just i actually see them when i open my eyes. so when i put away my misplaced pride and self absorbed ego i have time to pay attention to something else. it’s pretty simple really. self-will run riot is a destructive force in my life, i never learned the art of self-control… self discipline. it’s when i seek a better way – a way other than my own, which is limited by compulsions and obsessions, poor judgement and pretty sad impulse control – that i actually find it. scratch that… i don’t find it, that smacks too much of stumbling accidentally, like “EUREKA! i’ve found it!”. that fact, for me is, if i’m open and willing to be teachable, i get set on the better path – plucked up off the road of self-imposed destruction and placed where i need to be, where i am naturally inclined to be. so it’s in these circumstances, when i’m thinking more clearly and acting on life in a positive manner, that a natural progress forward takes place. there can be no failure here, no perfection either, just a flow forward, away from ruin and toward restoration.

for today, i’m grateful for the willingness to seek a will and a way other than my own soul-sick one. for today, my eyes are open to the teachers in my life and happy for the lessons and opportunities to practice the art of better living.

Open Up Your Eyes by Tonic w/lyrics

Open Up Your Eyes by Tonic w/lyrics
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regarding 08/05 for today – a response

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YES YES YES….  “I’ll have what she’s havin;”

   Taping the vain of self awareness is where I will find the flow of my originality, my higher self, that gift of purity that I was given at birth by nature and my creator ” Higher Power”…
Oh how I fucked with, and moved away from, the serene simplicity that life had to offer in exchange for the relentless pursuit of the, never having enough, instant gratification.
  Feeling “good” gave me my worth and simultaneously took it away….
 As I live without the reasons for life laid clearly in front of me, I strive, with a faith that is certain, to rip away the obstacles that I have created by my own free will….  ” The race is on!” not to the finish line, and not back before the self inflicted wreckage of my vessel, but froward to my essence, my higher self, where I might be introduced once more to satiety, purpose and Good Orderly Direction..   ” Please God, help me to recognize the road to peace and to have the strength and willingness to kick away the stones of obsession that have caused me to stumble along the way.”
i could so relate to my friend’s reaction that i had to share it.  the truth is that i’m not going back to some innocence & purity, but forward “to my essence, my higher self, where I might be introduced once more to satiety, purpose and Good Orderly Direction..
… and how freaking awesome is that?!


08/05 for today

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“i myself believe that the evidence of God lies primarily in inner personal experiences”

i guess i can get behind this statement. being self aware is supposedly the thing that separates us from the other animals on the planet. being self aware is also what causes all our major malfunctions. as well as our happiest joys. and being self aware also makes me aware of that feeling inside myself, that spark, that link to everything around me, it is this that makes me believe in a power outside myself.

the change that can be wrought from me from this place of connection is a positive and powerful piece of business. it’s when i block this connection or ignore it that bad things happen. and hey, whether the bad things quit happening or my attitude about them is what changes, it doesn’t matter to me. it is the change that matters because that shift in attitude toward the world around me and my place in it affects me in such a powerful way. no longer sucked in and stuck in the muck and mire, i am free to flow forward.

for today, i am grateful that the progress of my own personal humanity is made possible by what ever it is inside me that connects me to the vastness outside myself.

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08/04 for today

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“something there is that doesn’t love a wall… that wants it down.” ~ robert frost

errr… okay. what ever you say, mr frost.

there are many ways in which i put up walls, mostly to protect myself, to separate myself from a world that has hurt me. often though, in a misguided attempt to help another, i create barriers. i know when someone tells me what i should do or how i should do it that my back stiffens and this invisible ‘wall’ of attitude comes up – it’s human nature. i don’t need to be told hows and shoulds. and i’m not the only one who feels this way. i need to remember that unless my friends and loved ones actually seek my counsel then i need to not spew it out as if i am the know-it-all-and-be-it-all-of-the-universe.

this zipping of my lip is not an easy thing to do. oh what an ego i have to think – when i can’t manage my own life – that i can manage the life of someone else. how arrogant. how foolish. and when i recognize that i’m doing it, i pull myself back. i’d rather not create walls between myself and those i care about. instead, i’ve learned to listen better. whether they are venting or sorting stuff out for themselves, they don’t need me interrupting their process. they only thing i can honestly share is how i have handled a similar situation, especially if it was a successful handling. otherwise, i got nothin’… so i when i’m acting wisely and with love and respect, i’ve got nothin’ to say.

for today, i’m so thankful that i’ve learned better ways to be a friend, better ways to show love and support. for today, with the grace of the god of my understanding, i will let natural wisdom prevail, and give the love and respect that my friends and family deserve.

* the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and not that of OA