A Muse of Spring…

Spring is burgeoning under the grasping winter snow.  Thawing loose and tightening with another freeze.  This workout strengthening The Mother’s babies.  Soon they will be bursting through, flexing and preening for the sunny spot light.  The world’s a stage?  The earth is the stage and the show goes on and on and on…  So take a pause to enjoy the show, at any point in the day, sunlight hours or under the shine of the moon. Appreciate the simplicity, the complexities, juxtapositions of aesthetics and practicalities.  Spring is a feast for the senses.   Grey daze and balmy air, dampness seeping into the bones of earth and body. The hope of a season both playful and precocious. It’s a hope i love to exist in, to experience, to share. 

A hope i have to foster in a world gone mad while the earth goes on. 

heART of SPRING 03252017

heART of SPRING art journaling @ A Walk in the Woods

*flowers bursting from the muddy potential of spring earth.


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2017/03/26.

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