08/29 for today – on feelings

“the emotions may be endless. the more we express them, the more we have to express.”

i am a Pisces – a girl in the whirl. so, there are some days that i’m nothing BUT emotion. unfortunately, for much of my life, these emotions have been overwhelmingly negative; fear and anger and loneliness. to buffer myself from the flood i began to eat. this protection worked, too, keeping that little girl from feeling TOO much, keeping her from drowning in the flood. so, it worked… until it didn’t. but by then the habit was ingrained and hard to break. for what ever reason my body reacted to this onslaught of food in such a way as to become more detrimental than the harsh feelings it was intended to protect me from. and at this point, i was not feeling my emotions in the way nature intended for me to.

emotions are a way we communicate both with the world around us and, maybe more importantly, with ourselves. when i stifle that communication, i’m only handicapping myself – three fold! what this design for living gives me is a way to find my feelings again. so that i might actually feel and express them as they were meant to be felt and expressed. the more i am able to do this, the more i uncover and discover about myself. this is the beginning of authentic living. the OA program allows me to find myself, but in such a way as i’m not overwhelmed by what i find.

for today, with a reliance on the god of my understanding and a connection to others like me, i can safely feel both the positive and the negative stuff. for today, i understand that sorting my emotions out in a healthy manner creates a the space for them to live in. for today, program helps me face and handle anger, fear and loneliness, thinning them out to leave space for love and joy to grow strong and healthy.

* the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and not that of OA


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2015/08/29.

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