08/23 on living life & freedom

“let us live while we live.”

i relish the days that there is a natural spring in my step. not the bouncy Tigger kind, but the lift from renewal and burgeoning life. i get that when i’m living a way of life that supports my growth as a human being, my progress on the path toward the best version of myself. that way of living, for me, is found in a consistent spiritual connection to the ‘god’ of my understanding, an honest effort to abstain from compulsive behaviors and my addictions, and observation with out harsh judgement of myself, my actions nor of those in the world around me.

to find a freshness of attitude that is rooted in loving kindness while turning away from cynicism is the style of living i’d like to be immersed in. one that will let me live life as it comes without expectation of motivations or outcomes. that sounds like freedom to me.

~ love & light ~

* the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and not that of OA


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2015/08/23.

One Response to “08/23 on living life & freedom”

  1. luck with that- most valuable lessons I’ve learned took a long slog through hell to earn; the greater the trial, the finer the gift. We don’t really ever have a realistic view of our true selves, we lack an internal mirror of perspective. Inner compulsive triggers bring rash choices unawares. The death of a thousand cuts assaults one. But you survive and gain wisdom and peace thru the process, the annealing born of the fire! …Luck traveller, sun over your shoulder… – snugg-

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