08/12 for today

“a theorist without practice is a tree without fruit; and a devotee without learning is a house without an entrance.”

‘the proof is in the pudding’… is it any wonder that my analogies are so often food analogies? the pudding in this instance is my life. is there proof there that i’m walking what i’m talking? i know when i don’t see it or feel it, i tend to shut up. who wants to listen to me spout off about how life should be lived when i don’t even follow my own advice. it reminds me of a verse in the bible about sounding like a clanging symbol or some such thing. just noise; empty of melody.

thankfully, i’m not feeling empty of melody these days. and lucky for the rest of the world, i’m not spouting off about how they should be living their lives. i’ve got enough going on tending to my own business. and really, it’s a relief not to be responsible for the entire world.

being open to learning feels much better, and the result of that is growing in emotional and spiritual health, finding joy in living and peace of mind. and judging by my step, my life has a little song in it. this is the fruit i bear by tending to my own business, actually tending to it rather than just talking about it. it’s a wonder what a little effort can bring me. and some days, ‘working my program’ entails very little effort on my part, yet when i’m diligent in that work, i feel the result to multiplied effect.

for today, i’m grateful for the willingness to do what i can do and grateful also, for the faith i have in that doing, understanding that i am moving forward on the path of my life, and though it’s not fast or perfect, i’m making positive progress.




* the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and not that of OA


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2015/08/12.

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