08/06 for today

“when the student is ready, the teacher appears.”

the teacher or teachers, because i’ve had many, are always there. it’s just i actually see them when i open my eyes. so when i put away my misplaced pride and self absorbed ego i have time to pay attention to something else. it’s pretty simple really. self-will run riot is a destructive force in my life, i never learned the art of self-control… self discipline. it’s when i seek a better way – a way other than my own, which is limited by compulsions and obsessions, poor judgement and pretty sad impulse control – that i actually find it. scratch that… i don’t find it, that smacks too much of stumbling accidentally, like “EUREKA! i’ve found it!”. that fact, for me is, if i’m open and willing to be teachable, i get set on the better path – plucked up off the road of self-imposed destruction and placed where i need to be, where i am naturally inclined to be. so it’s in these circumstances, when i’m thinking more clearly and acting on life in a positive manner, that a natural progress forward takes place. there can be no failure here, no perfection either, just a flow forward, away from ruin and toward restoration.

for today, i’m grateful for the willingness to seek a will and a way other than my own soul-sick one. for today, my eyes are open to the teachers in my life and happy for the lessons and opportunities to practice the art of better living.

Open Up Your Eyes by Tonic w/lyrics

Open Up Your Eyes by Tonic w/lyrics
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~ by ghyllee mahree on 2015/08/06.

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