08/04 for today

“something there is that doesn’t love a wall… that wants it down.” ~ robert frost

errr… okay. what ever you say, mr frost.

there are many ways in which i put up walls, mostly to protect myself, to separate myself from a world that has hurt me. often though, in a misguided attempt to help another, i create barriers. i know when someone tells me what i should do or how i should do it that my back stiffens and this invisible ‘wall’ of attitude comes up – it’s human nature. i don’t need to be told hows and shoulds. and i’m not the only one who feels this way. i need to remember that unless my friends and loved ones actually seek my counsel then i need to not spew it out as if i am the know-it-all-and-be-it-all-of-the-universe.

this zipping of my lip is not an easy thing to do. oh what an ego i have to think – when i can’t manage my own life – that i can manage the life of someone else. how arrogant. how foolish. and when i recognize that i’m doing it, i pull myself back. i’d rather not create walls between myself and those i care about. instead, i’ve learned to listen better. whether they are venting or sorting stuff out for themselves, they don’t need me interrupting their process. they only thing i can honestly share is how i have handled a similar situation, especially if it was a successful handling. otherwise, i got nothin’… so i when i’m acting wisely and with love and respect, i’ve got nothin’ to say.

for today, i’m so thankful that i’ve learned better ways to be a friend, better ways to show love and support. for today, with the grace of the god of my understanding, i will let natural wisdom prevail, and give the love and respect that my friends and family deserve.

* the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and not that of OA


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2015/08/04.

One Response to “08/04 for today”

  1. True for me too. The walls I have put up to protect myself are starting to come down so that I may develop more trusting relationships. Not easy, but I am ready. Thank you for making me stop and think a moment about this.

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