08/03 for today

“your cravings as a human animal do not become a prayer just because it is God whom you must ask to attend to them”

prayer is a difficult concept for me. mostly because there’s no magic man in the sky to answer them as he sees fit. so i’ve had to figure out how to do it – how to do it comfortably, authentically, so i don’t feel like a fraud or a hypocrite. for me, prayer is not about asking for stuff or even answers, not any more. my way of praying today is about intentional thinking; projecting thoughts and images outward when i’m praying for another person, or when i’m praying for myself, for guidance, for relief, it’s about letting go of my feeble human control and opening my mind and heart up to the wonders outside of my own limited thinking. now outcomes and options are no longer limited by my hand, intuition and that still small voice become louder and clearer.

craving and feelings of want are not prayers. compulsions and obsessive thoughts do not a prayer make. cravings limit me, they do not open me up to the vast wonders of the universe. cravings have one outcome in mind, they don’t allow for an outcome outside of their specific want. and i say want because a craving is not a need. giving into a craving is a reaction, meeting insanity with more insanity. the OA design for living helps me differentiate between what i want and what i need. that power outside myself – that unlimited pool of options and answers – guides me to and through the right actions.

some days are easier than others to live this way. the easy days are when i start out seeking that connection to the “God” of my understanding. and for today, i have done that, with a humble heart and a tender thought for the humanity all around me.

* the opinions expressed in this blog are mine and not that of OA


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2015/08/03.

One Response to “08/03 for today”

  1. Another awesome post! Thank you for sharing this.

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