07/26 for today

“little privations are easily endured when the heart is better treated than the body.”

‘living on love’ isn’t just a flippant saying. i feel like i’ve been doing just that for quite a while now. true, not compared to some, but compared to most in 1st world countries. and other than wishing i could pay my bills better, i don’t mind so much because i laugh a lot, i love and i feel loved. the deep truth that i know is, accumulating stuff does nothing to sooth my soul. i’m happy enough to accumulate ‘garbage’ to re-purpose and craft with. heh.

in full disclosure, witnessing the conspicuous consumption of others annoys me. whether it’s envy or some other judgement doesn’t matter, it’s just wrong, a negative aspect of myself that does nothing to enrich my own life, a character defect in need of culling.

what i have sought through out my life is the richness of an inner life, a feeling good from the inside, feeling clean, feeling worthy. and there is nothing from the outside that will accomplish that for me, not standing in faux righteous judgement of others nor acquiring stuff to fill the space around me. it is my inner house i need to clean out and fill with beautiful thoughts and attitudes.

for today, i will rely on the higher power of my understanding and a design for living that supports my desire to live a life i can respect, a life that allows me to recover and be the best version of myself.


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2015/07/26.

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