Delayed Posting: 07/24 for today

“the most beautiful experience we can have is the mysterious.” ~ albert einstein

it’s interesting to note that for all his intelligence and inventive flair, A.E. was also interested in and open to other aspects of living and belief. quite a few of his quotes are very spiritually inclined. he’s a mind that i respect.

when things happen to me and around me that i don’t understand, it can get very ‘deep’, especially positive things. emotion and wonder well up in me. my lack of understanding does not deter such feelings, but in all likely hood will enhance them. lack of understanding – reason, logic, what ever – equates to mysterious, and such events and circumstances open my thought process up to other possibilities… like miracles and magic.

i feel silly a lot of the time being open to such possibilities, but i also cannot stop it from happening. doubting my sanity does not change the situation. there are things that are just unknown, undefined, not understandable. and silly or not, these things touch me on a level that leaves me feeling hopeful. and fragile in my humanity.

for today i will be accepting of the mysterious in my life… the coincidences, the ‘miracles’, the wonder and beauty of the universe that i’m part of. for today, the how and why the 12 step design for living works for me is not only a beautiful mystery, but a welcome one.


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2015/07/25.

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