07/25 for today

the fairest harmony springs from discord ~ Aristotle

discord makes me uncomfortable. so i avoid it or sooth it… escape it. when i do this on the physical plane, i not only avoid facing uncomfortable feelings, but miss out on opportunities to deal with the root causes of such feelings, of sorting them out in a way that they are no longer an issue or at least faced honestly and accepted for what they are. when i escape on the emotional plane, i use food (mostly) or alcohol (less often now) there is only a false sense of harmony. the escape itself causes more problems than it’s worth, creating health issues and leaving stuff not dealt with so that it is perpetually a problem that i then must continue to ‘escape’ from.

this 12-step design for living offers me an alternative to escaping. how about facing discord, so that it is honestly diffused or at least accepted in a way that relieves the need to run from it? that seems likely to give me a better outcome both in my physical and emotional health. it’s not easy to do, and i’m learning with each incident exactly how to do it.

for today, with a reliance on the HP of my understanding and building a foundation of character through the 12-steps, i am learning to face the discord in my life, whether it be outside or inside myself. for the today, i am willing to sort through the rough stuff as i seek an authentic harmony in and for my life.


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2015/07/25.

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