07/22 for today

“repetition is the only form of permanence that nature can achieve”

change is the only constant. i’ve heard this for for ever and it’s true, especially in nature – at cellular levels where growth occurs. but at the same time the natural rhythms are there, repeating what needs to be repeated in order to survive and sustain.

being that the natural universe is the closest thing to a high power that i can define for myself, this analogy really speaks to me. what works in nature, works in me. change is good, to a point, it keeps life interesting if it is the exception instead of the norm. it is the repetitive actions – the rituals – i create and follow in my daily life that help me to sustain my program… my abstinence and thus help me survive the affliction of addiction. these repetitions are rhythms that keep me calm and centered. like music soothing the savage beast. (heh.)

and in living in such a way, change IS always constant – at the cellular level – growth of and in those deep inside parts of me that are not physical. surrender to my higher power – where surrender means ‘a melting into’ – has me becoming a true part of the natural world around me, taking my place there not just surviving, but sustained and flourishing.

for today, i am grateful for those daily rituals that keep me in line with recovering, not only my physical, emotional and spiritual health, but in recovering my place in the natural world around me.


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2015/07/22.

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