sundae spiritual: my power of now

to be alive is power by emily dickinsoni used to mourn the fact that all i did was exist.  i endured and existed with out living.  well, i may not have been living my best life then, but i WAS alive.  Alive & Kicking enough to get me to this day.  and it is THIS day – the one i am in at any present moment – where i live.  doing my best at that will shape a future that just might satisfy my soul.

there is so much power in living my best life right now.  i may not see it manifest for some time, if ever – but that power is there and affecting me and all the surrounds me.  i need to remember this power, be constantly cognizant that it is within my  hands at any given moment.  doing so will keep me humbled by and thoughtful of my choices.


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2015/01/04.

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