the season of gratitude is on going

so Sunday i went to a work shop for art journalling.  right here in freaking Winsted ‘SEE TEE’!  that was the wonder about it for me.  there is such a seedy side of this town that i forget there are much nicer things available here.  and Whiting Mills is a sweet bit of shiny in an otherwise tarnished town.  for this, yes, i am grateful.

i met another person who gets the joy and satisfaction of journaling this way and made a friend.  Rose, the lovely soul who owns and operates the Walk in the Woods studio, was so gracious and welcoming.  i’m glad it was just the two of us for this first meeting, it was nice to get that one on one.  and it felt very zen and familiar, like an answer to a secret question.  this girl (that would be me) will be back to studio #336 for sure.  and i encourage any and all to stop in for a visit.

the theme, being Thanksgiving week, was gratitude.  sometimes it is difficult to name specifics that i’m grateful for, i just assume that the divine energy of the universe already knows.  maybe it does, maybe it doesn’t.  i don’t even know if this energy is cognitive enough to care either way.  or if it matters.  because what i really believe is that the point of gratitude is for us.  for how we are feeling and understanding and for how we are acknowledging right in the moment we are in.

so in that moment, and with a technique known as ghost writing, this is what i wrote on that big white blank of space.  (getting the image of this was not have as tricky as it might seem, even though i had already painted over it.  i have mad skillz!)

gratitude ghost writing

gratitude ghost writing

then i painted all over that with this stuff called Gesso and a few spritzes of water.  then i used some water-color crayons, bits of paper, a sharpie, etc. to create this scarred heart bursting with gratitude.  you can see a bit of its star stuff shooting out in beams.  or i can anyway.  ha!

gratitude bursting

gratitude bursting

it doesn’t seem quite finished to me, i always have problems with the finishing touches, but that’s okay.  i have time to work on it when inspiration has a sweet menage a trois with time and inclination.  that’s the cool thing about art.  it’s as done as it feels like.  and it has the patience to wait.  and for this, yes, i am grateful.


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/11/24.

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