spread your tiny wings

so i did some writing this morning, as i do every morning.  today i got some inspiration from this Confucius quote:

“When you have faults, do not fear to abandon them.”


my faults and issues were bred into me by both genes and circumstance. and at one time, a few even served a purpose, but now, they no longer serve me or my greater good. they weigh me down, anchoring me to a place i no longer want to be, to a way i no longer want to be. the hesitancy comes, because i don’t know who i am without these weights. i can see that girl, that woman…smiling and shining and looking “light”. if i met her on the street i’d be glad for her and wonder how i could be like that, too.

well, i CAN be like that. i don’t need to hold on to the sick bits of me because they are familiar and comfortable. i don’t have to fear meeting that stranger, that shining Jill. all i need to do is some abandoning of my own, of those anchors, cut those ties. hell, hack at those roots, as i’m sure i’ll have to, but get myself free.

… then i’ll be light enough to fly.



~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/11/03.

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