prompt: Autumn Leaves

She stared out the window pane, as it framed the leafy burst of orangy gold. That most tender muscle in her chest felt a tweak, a remembrance of him and she wondered if this time of year would always have that effect. Never letting her forget.

A smile curved her lips in a wave of bittersweet and she moved to pull on a light jacket and scarf. They’d learned together that the scarf was necessary or else her neck got chilly. He would nuzzle in the crook to warm her, but they much preferred other activities to do with their mouths.

Outside, the air was crisper than it seemed through glass. And she knew it wouldn’t be the same without him there to warm her side as they walked pressed close, their ears full of the booted plowing of dry leaves.

Still she went, the air cooling her cheeks and nose, quickly tinting them with a rosy hue. She walked the familiar trails, memories both sweet and hard rising to the surface until she had to stop and lean back against a tree.

She had been here before, this very spot. Then she had turned her face up, lips parted and expectant. He had not let her down. Not then. Not yet.

The wetness on her face was only a small surprise. She lifted her fingers to test them, studying the evidence on her own fingertips. She hadn’t cried for him in a long time.

Tears, though, were plentiful and an acceptable sacrifice. She pushed off the narrow tree trunk and headed back.


Autumn Leaves.

~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/10/20.

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