prompt: Back on the Chain Gang

Back on the Chain Gang.

a treatise on doing dishes

Anyone who knows me at all, knows this chore is one of dread and distaste.  (Not that any other chore is a favorite, except for – maybe – laundry.)  I wonder if the dread is based on my own general laziness or something instilled from my childhood.  Back then, dishes were an endless nightmare that brought on many feelings of oppression and childhood slavery and one very nasty fly swatter assisted ass whooping.  Can it be that i hold a grudge against the dirty dish?

I remember pretending i was being filmed for an educational ‘how to’ video.  *laughs*  What a lonely kid i was.  I also remember, for having the dished done every night – by me! – there seemed to be an awful lot of them – every night.  Like the old wire hangers left alone in the closet, dirty dishes breed more dirty dishes.  *shudders* When i got old enough to live on my own, well… I won’t go into the historical disgusting detail that such dread and avoidance brought into my life except to shudder and shame more than a little bit.  Dish pan hands were the least of my problems during this time.  Dish doing became a project to undertake.

So it is no small feat that i’m seemingly turning this terrible lack of self discipline and self care around.  This is a major turning of a leaf, a change in the weather, maybe a change in the whether too.  *wink*  And, i’m loving it.  To wake up in the morning to an empty – and so by default, clean – sink is awesome.  And the dish doing it minimal, there is no breeding going on here any more.  Dish pan hands, negligible, and that gawd awful smell of dirty dish water… *gack*  a thing of the past.

This old puppy has learned a new trick.  Believe me, it is not always easy to not slip back into being a lazy bones, but really, what is the norm for most people, is a personal challenge for me to meet.  A small way to build up a good habit and add to the healthy esteem of self i’ve been working on for like..  everrrrrrrrrrr.

*smiles at the imaginary camera*  It’s a good thing.

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~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/10/08.

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