honoring my soul on this sunday

i am really working on this more positive attitude about myself lately. i guess i’m tired of being sad and feeling pathetic when people around me think i’m so great. even knowing that people lie, i see no benefit for them to do so in this case. so, what the hell, i’m going to take them at their word. this is a big step involving trust and vulnerability, but if it turns out badly, i already know that i’ve survived worse.

so hey, it’s jilly appreciation day around here today. i like the idea more and more as i continue to think about it, knowing it will only lead to better things for me, from the inside out. a lot of times such pondering can pull a tear or ten, waging some sort of emotional battle at the inner workings level. but today, i’ve already sat with the idea for a bit, so it’s less verklempty and instead is bordering on feeling rather empowering. i like it!

today, i feel the love. and it’s coming from the inside and flowing (& glowing!) outward.


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/10/05.

2 Responses to “honoring my soul on this sunday”

  1. you are all that and so much more my friend, thank you for taking that step to believing. shine on Jilly.

    • thank you, my darling soul sister. you know some days are easier than others. thank you, too, for being one who oils the squeaky wheel on my perpetual ride toward willingness. you are much loved and respected, you and all your shininess ❤

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