write rite? you’re bloody well right.


i enjoy writing quite a lot.  i enjoy creative writing and i enjoy sharing my thoughts and feelings through the writing.  often, i believe, i’m better at communicating through the written word.  it gives me time to sort and edit with little to no stuttering or scrambling for a forgotten word.  my old OA sponsor told me she enjoyed my writing, it was raw and honest.  my darling Steven thinks i could write a novel (and make us some much needed dinero!)  I even like my writing sometimes; a well stated thought, a turn of phrase, a setting painted clearly on the page.

sometimes, writing is like pulling teeth.  or worse, giving birth.  i have to drag every word forth from some deep recess.  there is no fount here, it’s a deep ass well.  and i don’t mean the water’s deep – though that might be the case – but that the distance from the sun kissed ring of stone to the still, black surface below is a long freaking way.

the words have to be the right ones, the perfect ones, with a fond fitting for alliteration.  the reading, and re-reading, the moving of bits and pieces and whole sentences.  it’s work!  and sometimes tedious work.  how the hell can i enjoy that?  and it requires rule breaking.  not that i mind breaking them so much as i care about getting caught up by the grammar police, playing fast and loose with the laws of language and linguistics.  perish the thought.

anyway, it’s not always easy doing what we love.  i strive for perfection, and miss the mark.  perhaps it is the process that i love.  perhaps it’s the work of it that keeps me enthralled.  how could it not, when the results can sometimes hit the mark.  when sometimes, i actually manage to string together words and ideas that are compelling or entertaining or enlightening (if only to myself!).

sometimes i write and actually like what i read afterwards.






~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/09/21.

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