Tao verse 2: yin and yang and the 10,000 things

it’s sunday, again.  i can hardly believe a week has passed already.  anyway, as is my wont for sunday, let us get ‘ a little spiritual’ on.  i use the Stephen Mitchell, new English version, it is the one i borrowed for my darling friend, Rik and then bought a copy for myself.

the third stanza of verse two is a little more to grasp for my head this morning, so i’ll stick with one and two.  simple lines for a simple girl…

Verse one is about labeling, whether it be things or qualities of things.  We have a seemingly inherent need to name things, to grasp at a fleeting understanding of the existence of things and their relationship to us.  Names make lists, and we like those too – or at least i do, being a Pisces.  Does a name change the existence of a thing, to make it better or worse, more or less tangible?  Not really, the thing was always there (or it was not) so it hasn’t been changed by the name unless by limitation, because once we label something, it is difficult for it to be something else.  We find comfort in branding things into a category.


Verse two is similar, but it more in relation to the quality of opposites.  Opposites exist, they must – and we ‘must’ label them in order to gain an understanding of their relationship to each other, to keep track.  Without the opposite the original cannot exist, in fact there is no original, just the being of two qualities that define each other; hot & cold, light & dark, good & bad, male & female.  This is the basis of yin & yang, and how even within us as individuals, we hold these opposites.  No one is all good, they cannot be.  And no one is all bad, for they cannot be.  Even when it seems so.

This is the thing that gives me pause, that those times i feel so bad and horrible about myself, that within me there is also the good, the wonderful.  I need to hold this thought, it should keep me from spiraling down into depths of despair.  Well, that and medication.





~  peace



~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/09/14.

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