genuine tea drinking

Thich Nhat Hanh says that mindfulness is freedom.  In the perfect uniting of mind and body, all else falls away and there is only the moment.  i think i really need to practice this.  i know i do.

i am so easily distracted by thoughts of other stuff, other times, other people, other tasks.  it is so not fair to the people and tasks i’m with in any given moment to be thinking of something else.  it’s not fair to the moment.  how much am i losing in those times?  i’m forfeiting, really, because mindfulness is something i have control over implementing.

i’m not quite sure how it equals freedom, but the inkling of understanding is there.  it’s as if those other thoughts are the chains, i’m a slave to them in the form of distraction or worry, and am not free to participate and enjoy and to fully live in the thing that i’m doing or with the person i’m with ‘right now’.  even as i write this i’m thinking of other things.

i will try this tea meditation thing and see how it affects me.  will i return to my real self?  will i finally really exist?


drink your tea slowly...


i want to be free to touch life, i really really do.

~ peace, love & light



~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/09/11.

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