Tao verse 1: some thoughts

it’s sunday.  i always like to wax spiritual on sundays.  old habits, i guess.  😛

at a basic, internal level i really get this verse.  because once you can name something the mystery has been rubbed off a little.  naming denotes a certain understanding of a thing and the Tao cannot be understood.  It just is.

It is the source of all creation, out of the darkness creation ‘sprung’.  Christians would call this source God, but i just can’t (any more.)  god is a denotation that is too limiting.  and that god is a cruel, careless parent that i just can’t get behind.  i do my best not to be bitter about all the time i wasted trying to please ‘him’.

But i digress.

i use the Stephen Mitchell, new English version.  it seems to be a well respected one, so…  the third stanza (?) of verse one touches on a familiar stumbling block found in Eastern Thought.

Free from desire, you realize the mystery.

Caught in desire, you see only the manifestations.


Desire.  The wanting, it’s what always screws us up.  to avoid this stumble, we need to step back from things, from naming and understanding them at a tangible level.  just step back and not want.  strangely then, a sense of wonder comes upon us.  The details are no longer distracting us and we are able to just appreciate that things are.  that they sprang from this dark pool of amazing potential, that they exist not for us to have, but to just be.  like art.

free of desire we are affected by the sense of artistry in all that is.  all that springs from the darkness.  one must understand here that darkness is not an evil thing, but a glorious unknowable pool of possibility.






~  peace



~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/09/07.

One Response to “Tao verse 1: some thoughts”

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