stifled… (30 days of writing: day 10)


i am afraid to write what i really think and feel.  at least when i plan on sharing it.  this is because i continue to write for an audience instead of writing for myself, of myself.  and who says i have to share it all anyway?  i can keep things private.

what am i afraid of anyway?  that someone won’t like my opinion?  i think that is it.  that my point of view might piss people off or show them just how disturbed or ‘bad’ i am on the inside.

well, i don’t always agree with people – opinions, viewpoints, what ever – and i don’t necessarily hate them for the difference.  and what if those people do hate me for mine, or judge me for mine…  should that keep me silent?  will i be forever suppressed, forever stifled?

no.  because i can write and hold some things close and write and share others.  i’m still writing.  and maybe if i shared the words while keeping me secret, i could find a certain freedom.

day 10, way late, but it’s done.



~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/08/10.

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