what dreams my come

I never learned to dream with my eyes open.  The thought in itself is slightly terrifying.  As if doing so would put me at the edge of a high place with nothing but lots and lots of space between me and the ground.  So i guess, if i listen to all the current gurus, that this fear only points to what i need to do.  I need to dream, not just in sleep, but in waking hours.  Dream a thing and see it come to pass, make it come to pass, create those dreams into a reality of my choosing.

Does it matter why the little terror is there?  The fear of failure, the fear of lack of ability, the fear of the effort, the fear of success?  Maybe i should worry about such things as they come, instead of projecting them.  Some imaginings are not the same as dreams, it seems. 

I will ponder more on this, but now time is short and i must go… 


#writeyourselfalive II


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/08/09.

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