prompt: empathy (30 days of writing: day 8)


Prompt: empathy

The water moved past in a languid rush, still cool even under the midday sun. Just the way she liked it. The yellow-white light cut through the clear water and illuminated all sorts of detail; the rough sandy silt at the center of the stream, its brown and amber grains flashing hints of gold, the larger rocks, jutting up sharply from beneath, pushed out from a place that no longer had room for them, the shallows where flat surfaces held fast to green hairs that undulated with the flow, dark and plump with secretly slippery plant guts, and the foreign branches, stripped bare and hung up some distance away in a shadow making mass of similar dead flora.

She hung in a shadow herself, swimming out into the light and back again, flashing her own hints of opalescence, too young to know the lure of such behavior.


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/08/08.

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