eating anger –

2014 begins.  A thing I’m working on is – as always – getting healthy in mind, body and spirit.  i function better in the long haul with ritual, so will be working on forming some habits toward gaining good health in these areas.  part of that is reading a bit of something in the morning and writing about it or what ever it stirs up in me.  a book that Thich Nhat Hanh wrote on Anger is my reading material.  I’ve had it for ages but was just hoping to get it through osmosis as is my way with so many books.

Anger, wisdom for cooling the flames is the book.  and what do you  know, it starts out with eating.  our food supposedly pics up anger and frustration during it’s life before ingestion.  in as much as ‘thoughts are things’, it seems so are vibes, whether they be good or bad.  i can understand easier how i consume anger and frustration with my other senses.  negative people & popular images, violent & lustful tv, just bad vibes in general.  i understood this enough to remove all political crap from my facebook, even though i visit that list of posts when i think i can handle it.

Ridding myself of all such inputs may keep me happy, but it seems to me that it may also keep me ignorant.  another basis for ignorance is bliss or burying my head in the sand.  i will keep the concept in mind and perhaps act upon it, too, if it feels right.

The part of reading today that i could get behind completely is eating to deal with emotions.  It’s frightening to me to imagine letting all the anger i have inside out.  Not only might it hurt someone but i picture myself deflating, like a balloon losing it’s air.  In some ways, this anger is my foundation, it’s who i am.  Or is it?  The protective shield of it has run its course, it’s now debilitating, cumbersome.  For this reason alone, I’m willing to listen to what this Buddhist monk has to say.  Mindful eating.  food is fuel.  the process of eating is enjoyable.  and healthful food, like organic choices which hold no anger or frustration in their cells.

It’s time to release the anger of years old grudges and resentments.  Not with a pin prick, but easy… gently.  With control and observation, moderation and mindfulness.  I look forward to the results, the possibilities such changes will offer, not just in body, but mind and spirit also.

~ peace


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2014/01/06.

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