so, you’ll notice on my tumblr that i have a little thing for doors, doorways, archways, windows… in most any condition. i’ve been meaning to blog on the matter for some time. well, since i noticed it a week or so ago, anyway.

then came the opportunity to rekindle a long-lost acquaintance, someone from my long gone past. it was the most awesome reconnection i’ve ever had and brought me great joy on so many levels.

i found myself with love over flowing, four hours later, and with gifties! one, a deck of cards, not at all like the tarot… more of reminders, affirmations, seeds for meditation…. life sparks!

“Trust your angels to guide you through the doors of self-knowledge.”

#31 in the green suit.  Picked this card from the deck two days in a row.  Co-inky-dink?  Aww maybe.  Truth is, i rather like having some guidance; something to keep my mind focused on a particular direction or idea; a reminder to trust that still small voice – you know…  the one that comes from my ‘best self’.

It reminds me that i’m connected, not abandoned.  It fills me with a sense of wonder and self-appreciation.  It heightens my awareness of my actions in the immediate world around me where i can begin to trust enough and allow more compassion.  It allows me to let go of the need to label and define that which is undefinable.  To just be in it, a part of it.

got a little ramblin’ there…  must head off now for working and revisit this topic another time, more expressly the doors to self-knowledge!


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2012/02/15.

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