a hitch in my get’along

nearly a year has passed by since my last post here.  some freaking writer i am.  *insert big sigh sound effect here*  well, that comes down to fear & ego.  fear of revealing too much of myself and an ego that won’t allow anything but perfection, so nothing gets done.  the irony of that exquisite paradox of laziness is near hysterical on the humor scale.  anyway, it’s 2012.  so why not take this possible last year of existence to finally get my shit together?

part of being creative is not being afraid to fail, to be wrong, to mess up.  a creative life isn’t picture perfect in its process or its result.  so yay for me, ’cause i aint any of that either.  the irony is not recognizing that has kept me paralyzed in my writing and crafting.  okay okay *insert sheepish expression here*  there are other paralyzers, but they deserve their own attention.

i recently watched a time lapse video of some art journaling, and the mess ups actually added to the process and eventually the final result.  and i’ve been stuck – mother fuckin’ muck stuck, to be more precise – afraid of just that?

… and i call myself an intelligent being!?


~ by ghyllee mahree on 2012/02/07.

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